Dennis Epstein presented papers to a number of delegations of senior officials from the Republic of China who have an interest in furthering their education relating to Canadian business practice, government and law involvement, particularly as it relates to the technology sector. These delegations included members of the following government bodies: Science and Technology, Audit and Administration, State Economy and Trade Commissions, and State Commission for Restructuring the Economic System. The presentations subsequently were organized into a single collection for distribution - "Growth Hormones For The Technology Sector."

Dennis Epstein also organized a number of his presentations and articles with respect to the franchise sector into two collections for distribution - "Growth Hormones For The Franchise Sector" and "Franchising: So You Want To Be On The Leading Edge."

Components of these books in condensed versions can be downloaded by clicking on the links below. Full version of these books can be requested by contacting Dennis Epstein here and identifying one of three titles below.

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